Monday, November 28, 2011

My View from the Top

This week we're throwing a virtual baby shower of sorts. Kim, from the Zook Book Nook is expecting her third little girl this week, and in anticipation of the arrival Stasha, our listicle maven, has moved her link to Kim's site.  This week's inspiration, 10 of our favorite photos.

The rain slowly began to fall. The weeks prior we have outlined our intentions for photos after our ceremony.
With each falling drop, our plans evolved. In place of a timely photo shoot on the beach, a few candids.
This my favorite.

Our purse strings and patience were tested. Nearly two years after the wedding day we finally escaped. Paradise at our fingertips.

Those first few weeks of survival, sleep stolen in any moment given. She had yet to discover her thumb, so the pacifier was her solace, my refuge from feedings.

Generations separate them. She recognized her own eyes in her great grandmothers. A smile shared.

Many surprises disclosed on this June morning.
First, upon arrival sharing that the house they thought they were invited to tour had already been purchased. Then walking room to room, the nursery location reveals the anticipation of another grandchild.

Winter 2009-2010
Piles and piles of snow holding us captive in our home.

The rosy cheeks reminiscent of her sister's. Her small body dwarfed by her father's large hands.

The transition from a home of three to four over, as the new norm has been established. Stealing a moment from play, daddy and his two little girls share an embrace.

Her disposition truly is like that of the Sunshine. Taking a moment from digging, she offers a smile.

She had waited all summer for the fall. She looked forward to being a "soccer girl", for kicking, running, and scoring. She longed for the shin guards, cleats, and soccer braids. Her enthusiasm the only motivation for his early morning wake up on Saturdays.


  1. Oh, my. That image of the baby in the Boppy and the finger in the paci brings back SO many memories. Love it!

  2. This list made me smile from start to finish. Beautiful girls - lovely family. :)

  3. Your happiness is contagious. What lovely photos, must have been so hard to narrow down to just 10. I cannot choose any as my favorite, but the one with grandma is a photo contest winner, for sure!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pictures indeed! SO much love and happiness in these photos. Thanks for sharing them - I feel warm and fuzzy inside now :)

  6. I love the story you told with each one, Jackie. The one of your husband's hand around your newborn's face is precious :)

  7. Oh these are just great - so much life and happiness in your family, and that house is really beautiful - a home. (-:

  8. Great pictures - I love the fun wedding candid. And daddy's big hand surrounding baby's face. And all the rest!

  9. Stories make the picture better! so cute!


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