Friday, February 25, 2011

Sisterly Spit-Up

Disclaimer: This entry may be a little graphic and contain information one would not want to read while eating. If you haven't figured it out by the title of the post, it involves puke/vomit/spit-up. You have been warned!

Last night the girls and I were sitting in the kitchen enjoying dinner while we waited for Bry to come home from work. Mo has recently been on a noodle kick, so noodles with butter were on her plate, Maeve was dining on leftover meatloaf sliders without the roll, while I was drinking some orange seltzer deciding whether to eat leftovers or order Chinese for won ton soup. (I ended up ordering!). Bry walks in and as usual, the girls get giddy. Maeve immediately perks up in the high chair and Mo starts yelling "hi daddy! I missed you!" the minute they hear the keys in the door. I notice that Maeve's face is starting to get red and it appears hives are developing around her mouth. As I have mentioned before, she has tested positive for allergies to milk, eggs, and nuts, so I assume the egg in the meatloaf is a little strong. As Bry enters the kitchen, I have him sit and talk with the girls as I run upstairs for a dose of Benedryl.
Since she had only eaten a few spoonfuls of meat, I give Maeve some applesauce and later some blueberry baby food. Bry heads upstairs to change as they both finish their meals. Lately, I have been encouraging Mo to help clear the table so she places her bowl in the sink. Bry comes back down, engaging the girls with pleasantries like "How was your day?" and "Was your dinner yummy?" I take Maeve out of her high chair and am holding her facing outwards as Mo walks by. Maeve makes a gagging noise and then, it starts! She throws up meat and applesauce and blueberries...all over Mo!! Way I say "all over" I mean, "ALL OVER!" It's in her hair, down her shirt, on her neck, and in her mouth! Immediately, Mo screams and starts crying. I look at Maeve, who looks back at me and smiles. Bry jumps in and takes off Mo's clothes amidst the tears. He sweeps her up in his arms and rushes up the stairs, placing her still in diaper, in the bathtub. I quickly follow, as I strip Maeve and place her in the tub too. I look at Mo then Maeve and after realizing they are both okay, look at Bry and we both start cracking up.
It was completely disgusting! Poor, poor Maeve- having vomitted pretty much all her dinner up, she was happy and playing in the bath. Mo, looked with disgust at Maeve for a minute, then crawls next to her in the bath and gives her a kiss on the head. She says "Sis, It's not nice to spit up on me! Say, sorry!"
Of course, this makes Bry and I laugh even more! I explain to Mo that Maeve cannot apologize, and that she didn't mean to spit up on her. This explanation appears to have worked since they both went back to their usual bath antics.
I won't lie. It was really gross, especially as I saw bits of ground meat floating in the tub after cleaning them off of Mo's hair! It also was quite disgusting having to hose down the tub after the water had gone down the drain, leaving those bits stuck.
Once the girls were clean it was time for our bedtime routine. Every night, the four of us get together in our room for kisses and a "family hug". Mo definitely seemed hesitate at first to hug her sister, and really could you blame her? She did give Maeve a kiss goodnight and before telling her "I love you", she reminded Maeve "Don't spit up on me again, okay Shiney?"
As I retold this story today to a few people, Mo still gets a little mad. IF you ask her what happened she says, with her brow furrowed, "Maeve spit up on me. She not nice!" While she is still a little upset, I do know, however Mo is not holding it against her little sister. Already today they have been giggling and hugging, and so life is back to normal, for now.

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