Monday, July 26, 2010

Thought we'd have known better

Yet again, my kid spent a hot sweaty day with the Philadelphia Phillies.Last year it was a family affair. This time, however, I was in the cool of my air conditioned parents house with Maeve, while Mo, my dad, and poor Bry braved the record high heat and humidity to get pics with their favorite Phillies.
I have mentioned before that my father is a ridiculously crazy fan of the PHillies. The basement of their townhouse is covered with signed balls, photos, and tons of bobble heads. Mo has learned a great deal of Phillies history- both current and those of the past, from spending time looking at the bobble heads with my father. If you have a conversation with her, she talks of "Cole, Chase, and Brad" as if they are her best friends. She will tell you that Chase will "hold Mo" and "Brad too and Roy too" when they go to photo day. She knows about Mike Schmidt, Richie Ashburn, and don't forget the Phanatic. If you ask her who Auntie G's favorite is, she'll tell you it's Shane, Aunt Ash likes Greg, and Maevie is a fan of Roy.
For the past month she has been incessantly talking about the Phillies game. We promised her that she would get to see her favorite Chase with Pop and Dad. All week she would say, "Phillies game Mo, Pop, Dad". I think she may have uttered that combination of words at least a hundred times within the past 7 days.
Fast forward to Saturday, July 24. Mo wakes up at 5:40 am. Mainly because our non-air conditioned home is already over 85*. By 9;40, she is a mess, crying and miserable. To nap, she goes. Within ten minutes she's out, fast asleep. I call my dad and tell him that I don't think it's a good idea. Between her mood and the weather, I don't want to risk it. He says no big deal and hangs up. Bry's response, "She's been looking forward to this all month. We can't let her down." I remind Bry- it's hot plus he will be hanging out with my dad- the rabid Phillies fan- for the afternoon. He stands firm, asserting that Mo really wants to go and so he wants to make her happy.
I give in and off they go.
Look at the pics below. Who do you think was the happiest one there?

Mo and the Phanatic
She wouldn't let him any closer

Ryan Howard

Unfortunately Chase did not hold Mo. She said, next year!

Sweaty and Hot Mo

Mo on Pops' Shoulders

Carlos Ruiz playing with Mo's hat

Joe Blanton with Mo & Pops

Raul Ibanez with Mo & Pops, one of the nicest guys out there

Maeve's favorite (So Mo says) Roy Halladay

Cole Hamels with Mo & Pop

In the end, they made it to the first pitch of the 4:05 game when Mo said "Pop, go home!"
Next year, Bry already told me that it's my turn.
Since then Mo has been talking about the game on and off to everyone. If you ask, she will tell you she saw Roy, and Shane, and Brad, and Chase. No Jaime. If you ask why, she'll tell you about his booboo on his arm. (Thanks Dad. Jaime Moyer hurt his arm earlier this week.)
I wonder if the Phillies have given any thought into holding Photo day in September, at night, when it definitely will be cooler? I have a year to persuade them on that, but until then my girl will keep talking about her favorite baseball team the PHIL LEES!

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