Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 months and Sweaty!

I have mentioned it before, but we do not have air conditioning and thus, we are sweating ridiculously here. We - Bry, Mo, and I are uncomfortable, Maeve on the other hand, appears to LOVE the heat. We took refuge at my parent's house a few nights and she woke up at 4 am both nights. We come home and she's out from 8:30 pm until 8 am or later!
I know, I am guilty of wishing away time. I kept mentioning earlier this year, specifically in the winter, that I couldn't wait for spring. Well now, it appears I'm back to my old ways. I'm counting down the days until fall,it's Sept. 22. Maybe by then, the temperature will go back to normal and I won't be sweating through the sheets at night.
To combat this heat, we have had a few sleepovers at "camp Brammie & Pops". I think we were there most of last week. I've filled up the blow up pool and let Mo splash around, and yesterday we made the drive to visit Grandma with the bracelets. The perfect way to celebrate Maeve's six month birthday.
The last time we were down the shore, it was Easter and Maeve was tiny. This time, she can sit up all by herself and she seems to be a beach bunny just like her older sister. We had a fabulous hour at the beach. Mo enjoyed digging with Grandma with the bracelets while Maevie giggled uncontrollably when I put her feet in the water.
Hopefully this is the first of many weekly trips down the shore.
I honestly cannot think of a better way to cool off!

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