Monday, May 12, 2008

Our first major outing!

On Thursday, Mo and I had to make the trek to Philly so I could meet with my fantastic hematologist, Dr. Haut. (Aside, I love Dr. Haut and am so sad that he's retiring in June) Anyway, my anxiety about the trip started on that Monday. How would Mo do in the car for an hour? Would I get lost yet again? Would the weather hold up or would I by driving in the rain? Would Mo be able to handle not eating for the allotted time? All these questions and more kept racing through my head.

Thursday comes and I look out the window. Lo and behold, it's raining cats and dogs. Crap! One of my fears came true. I get Mo and myself ready. (Getting myself ready now, post-partum is another post altogether! My body post-partum is really funky right now. Too small for maternity clothes, but too big for my normal clothes. Thank God for Sweats!) We head out to the car. Infant seat- check! Stroller- Check!, Diaper bag w/everything and the kitchen sink- Check!, Gas- NOPE!, Money- NOPE! After taking a detour to the drive through ATM (what a Godsend) and the gas station, we are OFF! Down 295 to Philly! The rain begins to end and by the time we get to Philly, it's all but done. Luckily we get there with only minimal issues. I only missed the turn once. We pull up to the office and drop the car off at valet, and head up to the office. No problems, as I but the infant seat into the stroller. Mo is dead alseep and I sigh with relief.

Again, I love Dr. Haut, but I hate his habit of being delayed. We get to the office and find out he's running about 1 1/2hrs. behind. Are you serious?? What can I do? Mo is still alseep in the stroller, so I pull up a few magazines and relax. I havent' read Sports Illustrated for such a long time. Finally, after about 45 min they take me to get my blood drawn. Mo is still fast asleep in the stroller. *YEAH!* I sit down talk the nurses as they all are oogling Mo. They take four vials of blood and then BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The freaking fire alarm goes off! No one knows at first if it's real or a drill. So, I just keep checking out Mo. She's still asleep. Someone yells, "Everyone needs to get out!" The nurse pockets my vials of blood, as another nurse locks my stroller in the office. Mo is still asleep. Carrying the infant car seat, we hike down the emergency stair case past the shrieking alarms. Mo still sleeps! We go outside and toward the park, as the wind is blowing. Mo is still asleep!! YES! We wait outside for the "okay" for about 20 minutes. I still cannot believe this is happening. Not only did I have to hike down the stairway with a newborn, but my hematologist is also an oncologist, which means there were a bunch of cancer patients getting their chemo during this fire alarm. They had to hike down the stairs with their metal poles and IV meds. That really sucked! Again, Mo is still asleep!

We get back into the building. First they let the patients up the elevator, then the docs, and then the nurses and other support staff. Mo is still sleeping! We wait another 10 minutes or so, and then they take me back for my appointment. Mo sleeps through the whole thing! I'm weighed- and I find I've lost 25 lbs of pregnancy weight! Only 18 left to loose! Everything goes well and I find I can stop the lovanox shots on Friday! YIPPEEE!!

As I get the car from the valet, I look at the clock for the first time in hours. It's already 4:45! Moira last ate at 11:30. She is going to be pissed once she wakes up! What to do, what to do? Knowing that I'd have to contend with rush hour in Philly if I wait any longer, I decide to head home. Questionable call. We make it over the bridge into Jersey when I start to hear the Diva stirring. In five seconds flat she goes from whimper to outright SCREAMS! I'm trying to figure out if I can make the 40 minute drive with her screaming bloody murder. I give in, 15 minutes later when I see Moorestown Mall. I pull into the parking lot, find a space out of the way, get into the back of the car, and whip out the boob! I never thought I'd be nursing my daughter in the parking lot of a mall. While I don't do the full feeding, she gets enough to calm her down. I get back in the drivers seat and make it home!

We survived! YEAH! Hopefully, by July when we go back for my next appointment I figure this out better!

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