Monday, May 5, 2008

The Diva!

Lori, the most fantastic, fabulous, superb, photographer (and mommy to my former students Adam and Jen) came up last week for Moira's first photo shoot. Ever the diva, Mo had total attitude at first. Thank God for the pacifier, or else it would have been a waste of Lori's trip. After topping her off with a quick breastfeeding session, the shoot started, and wow! We got so many adorable pictures! I know every mother thinks their child is adorable, but I honestly hold no bias here, Moira is every bit as adorable as I say she is. There were so many great pics that we are having trouble deciding which one (or two or three) to use as the birth announcement. I will admit, again because I am honest, some of the pics Moira does look like ET.Her head and upper body are so strong that she can hold herself up. However, her limbs are still so thin and head so large that really, she does resemble ET. The rest of the photos are completely adorable! Here are a few of my favorites.

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  1. jackie, moira is getting so big. i love these pictures :) i cant wait to see you on saturday!!!!!


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