Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I'm getting a handle on this "mom" thing.

Okay, okay, I know Moira is only 7 weeks old, but I feel like I've finally turned a corner. I totally had the "baby blues" those first few weeks. Every little decision seemed so important. I was hyper-emotional. God bless Bry, because I cried over some of the most crazy things. Commercials?!? Deciding what to wear?!? Mother's Day was like a ephiany for me. I realize that whatever I'm doing for Mo, is really the best I can do. I've stopped reading those "parenting books". Really, there's the assumption made that all children are the same. I know, they're not. My kid is perfect, so most of what those books are saying doesn't apply! (HA! Just Kidding!) Really, I think reading those books stressed me out. Now, I'm just kind of doing what I feel is best for Mo. Granted I do ask Bry for some imput too.

On Thursday I graduate with my Master's degree from Rutgers. Graduation is 9 am! This will be the next test for us. Can I get myself, and my baby ready to leave here by 7:30? Wish me luck!

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