Friday, May 10, 2013


Our sweet Margo Baby was baptized Sunday, April 28 surrounded by our family and closest friends. Our dear friend, Lynsay serves as Margo's godmother, while my baby brother, Joey is smitten and happy in his new role as godfather. 

While we were unable to use the same beach chapel we had used for our wedding and previous baptisms, we were honored to have the baptism officiated by Brother Bob. 

I do believe there was some degree of divine intervention in this event. 

Let me submit the following evidence:

1. Not only did I find a dress in my closet that fit my post baby body, I also discovered a pair of fabulous red heels that worked beautifully. 

2. During the ceremony there were nine children present. Throughout the nearly thirty minute event, there was barely a peep, even from our youngest guest, Zoe who is 10 days younger than Margo.

They made the faces AFTER the event. 
3. Margo was happy the entire event.
Okay, not the entire event, but the entire ceremony, even as the water was poured on her head. 

She even calmed down enough to get a photo with her sisters. A photo in which they all were looking at the camera at the same time!  

frame worthy

4. Finally, my sister was able to keep the baby in...

for only three days later, we met our newest member of the family, 22 days early.

Tiny, but feisty!

Welcome to the world Danny!

What a week! 

Photos courtesy of Ashley Pierce Photography. 


  1. Oh my gosh...I love Margo's hair!! Your girls are just beautiful!! I love your dress, and the newest member of your precious!


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