Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old Friends, Good Times

For one year of our married life we lived in the neighborhood right next door to one where our really good friends lived. It was awesome! This was the time before babies and before real grown up responsibilities like owning houses or pets or jobs that required hours upon hours of work. Steve & Lynsay were just nearby and so often we spent Friday or Saturday and sometimes both, hanging out with them. Just like us they liked dining out and good conversation. Bry often says Lynsay is the female version of him (personality wise) while Steve is the male version of me. I guess that's why we have always gotten along well.
Things changed since that year of bliss. Now, two kids, two dogs, one house, one NYC apartment, two states, and three years have passed. We are all in such different places in our lives with different things going on day to day. I often wonder if we still have anything in common.
Then, we get together. For a minute I worry that we're too different now, I mean really I'm a stay at home suburban mom in t-shirts and shorts most days compared to Lynsay who is now NY chic'! The guys, well, they're guys...I don't think men worry about those things. Within no time we're back to having grown up conversation, even with Maeve in the high chair next to me.
When we got home last night, both Bry and I said the same thing. We miss having our good friends so close. We saw for a moment, a glimpse of the past or is it the future? A moment out with friends but now instead of a table for four at nine, it's now a table for four plus one booster and a high chair at six, and do you know what? That's okay.

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