Friday, August 8, 2008

She eats!

She spits up.... a lot. I'm not talking a little on my sleeve, or a burp cloth. I'm talking enough to make a "splat" sound on the floor. Enough to require me to change my shirt...sometimes 3 times a day.

We had a nice playdate with Keira and her mom, Marie yesterday. Keira was born 8 days after Mo, and her mom was a teammate and friend from college. Marie told us her pediatrician suggested starting Keira on rice cereal to help with her relux. She said that after 3 feedings, there was a noticable change. I honestly feel bad for Marie. She witnessed first hand, Moira in her spitting up glory. I think she was terrified at the amount of liquid that is spewed out of my daughter's mouth. She did find it amusing when I had to go change my shirt because Moira spit up down the front.

I should also comment that our own pediatrican, Dr. Palsky, gave us the green light to start food with Moira. That is after our appointment on Tuesday when Moira weighed in at a hefty 15 lbs. 15 oz, putting her in the 91%. Her length also is long,, 25 1/2 in. (90%).

After the doctor appointment, the conversation with Marie, oh and Mo spitting up a record 5 times on our new couch yesterday, Bry and I decided last night was the night to try.
LUcky for Moira,I had picked up some cereal at Babies R Us earlier in the week. She did really well, as Bryan actually had an opportunity to feed her. Remember, Mo is breastfed. Up until now, Bryan has bottle fed her maybe 6 times, though he has done his fair share of diapers.
This is from this morning. She would not cooperate with me in the Bumbo seat, so high chair it is! I should also mention that last night she slept from 10-12, Bry was able to get her back down in 15 min and then she slept until 6:15! She fed and then slept until 9:30, which meant I slept until 9. I didn't even hear Bryan leave. I don't know if it's the cereal but keep it coming!

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  1. I hope the cereal helps with the spit up and the sleeping. I LOVE the video of her little legs kicking and kicking!!!


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