Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look Mom, no hands!

It is official. Moira can sit up, without help. She is such a fascinating little thing. She is so nosy and hates to just lay down. We started putting her on the bed and let her sit up near the pillows. We also noticed she liked to try and sit up in our laps. She also liked to eat her feet in our laps too. About a week ago, she started sitting up on the bed for longer periods of time without falling. So we decided to move her the floor. I laid out her lovely blanket from Land of Nod (Thanks to my friends from WAS who got it for her!) and put a few pillows and sat her down. She sat. She then tried to play and reach for her toys. She fell over a few times, but seemed really happy. After a few tries like that, I did this: She was so happy, that is until she fell immediately backwards and konked her head on the floor about 2 mins after the pic was taken. She started screaming and was not a happy camper.
Bad mommy!
Needless to say, I've come up with a solution. I now sit on the floor and Mo sits between my legs. If she falls over now, no bumps to the head!

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  1. It's SO great when they can sit up and play on their own a bit. It makes a BIG difference. She's growing up!!


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