Friday, April 4, 2014


I have been MIA.

Yes, I know this.

However, there are posts floating around my brain that need to get out. I will write them.

These stories and observations and party planning successes will again make their way here.

But for today, I need to share about my supercalifragilistic six year old.

Dear Moira,

My lovie girl, my sporty girl, my first baby girl, I wonder if you know how fabulous you truly have become? 

Everyday I look at you and am mesmerized. 

You continue to amaze me as you have become a real reader. I love watching you devour a new book and when you write, I am in awe. You are smart and push yourself to learn new skills. I love that you love to learn and that you love school. 

Still the most athletic kid I know, you have the speed, agility, and strength to go far. More importantly, you have this innate drive to play. Watching you play soccer and softball, brings out not only pride but excitement. I know you are doing what you truly love. 

Your kind heart makes me realize I have done something right. You are an amazing and caring friend and wonderful big sister. (most of the time). Watching you, Maeve, and Margo play makes me so grateful you have each other. 

Finally, Mo I love that you are you. You never seem to worry about what's popular, and instead go with what interests you. I'd love it if you would let me do your hair in something other than a ponytail and I'd like you to wear a dress more, but since those are my only real complaints, I realize I'm quite blessed. 

You are filled with confidence, energy and the right amount of quirk. You are my most favorite six year old in the whole world, and I feel so lucky to be your mom. 

I love you.
Love, Mom 

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