Monday, September 24, 2012

In My Home

This week Stasha suggested we "look around our home and tell me a list of 10 things". Being the ever clever mom, and besides the fact I am physically and mentally exhausted today, I decided to pawn this one off on my delightful duo.

Yes, friends, this week's listicle is courtesy of a one feisty four year old and one terribly awesome two year old.
Mo and Maeve each present
Ten Things in Our Home.

1. cookie jars
2. plates
3. Maeve 
way to acknowledge your sister
4. bowls
5. new couch
6. my bedroom 
7. potty 
8. I like my Chinese doll. 
9. I like my nightlight.
It is an awesome nightlight. Mobi 
10. I love playing with toys, everyone of my Barbies and my Barbie car too. 
 Moira age 4.5 

1. Barbie
2. Barbie Car
hmm, was someone listening to their sister's list?

3. Bunny O'Bunny
Yes, the hippy dippy looking bunny from Build a Bear.
4. Puppy
5. Monkey
6. potty seat
7. nail polish
priorities for a two year old: toilet & toenails
8. light

um....I don't know. 
Well what's in the kitchen Maeve? 

9. hot dogs
10. jelly beans

Maeve 2.5 yrs. 

So, what are your ten? 


  1. They are adorable and potties and barbies and bunnies are imnportant :)

  2. So cute!! Good idea to have your girls write your post this time :)

  3. Very sweet spin on the topic, I love it! Your kids are so cute!

  4. So adorable!!! I love their priorities!

  5. So cute! And I'm digging that nightlight too! Ellen

  6. What a great way to approach this task--make your kids do all the work. I'll bet they loved this! I think I will have to recruit mine for an upcoming list!

  7. Hot dogs and jellies?! Busted mama!! This is a great list my friend. Correction, great lists. Way to go girls!


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