Friday, March 30, 2012

Almost time to Parrrrrty!

Did someone ask for a Pirate Party?

The only evidence thus far is as follows:  

1. A woman is running around the house maniacally decorating 

2. The same woman is covered in flour as she attempts to do her all of own baking

3. Two children are scurrying around aimlessly, almost unsupervised, including one incident with the bathroom sink. 

 4. Amazon left an abnormally large box on the front steps yesterday after same crazy woman discovered it would be more economical to purchase a bounce house than rent one

5. Upon arrival home each night, the man continues to shake his head in disbelief of what said woman has thus far accomplished. 

6. This is what happens when the woman dedicates an entire Pinterest board for Pirate Party Planning:

Shiver me timbers, T-Minus two days until our Pirate Parrrrrty! 


  1. Woah. Forget all the other numbers. Back it up to 4. You BOUGHT a bounce house?! I've been known to go overboard on birthday parties. I've rented a few bouncers in the past couple of years, but buying one--YOU WIN.

    p.s. I bet this party was rad.

  2. Sarah, I researched renting it and it was like $200, on Amazon you can purchase a small one from as little as $180! Ours was $249, which I do believe we will get back in a few parties.

  3. Can't wait. And with your own bounce house you know you will officially be the coolest house on the block!


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