Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maeve's Debut- Part 2 (c-section)

Nurse Katie asks me if I can walk or want to be wheeled back to the Operating Room. Remember, at this point it's been close to five hours since I've been vertical and walking, so I opt for the wheel chair. She wheels me into the operating room and I hope up on the bed.
It's so different this time around. I guess because with Mo it was an emergency c-section, I wasn't there for all the prep and set-up. This time, I just kind of chilled out sitting on the side of the bed for 10 minutes or so while the nursing staff prepped tables, and scissors, and clamps and other stuff for the pending c-section. Finally, my anesthesiologist walked in and starting talking about the spinal which I would receive.
I confess, I don't remember too much of what he said, not because of the contractions, but because of his Australian accent.
Mo has recently been addicted to the Wiggles and so as soon as I heard his accent, a flood of Wiggles tunes flooded my brain. In my head I heard the "fruit salad song" and the "big red car" song, while he was explaining the benefits of a spinal.
Nice, right?
Not soon after that incident, the rest of the mob I mean operating staff entered and took their places around me. Looking back, its so strange, the whole scenario. One minute you're talking to the doctors, they're talking about their weekend plans, or the number of surgeries they have performed that day and then not too many minutes later they're cutting you almost in half, reaching in to pull out your baby, and then sewing you back together. Bry did make it into a gown this time.
Meanwhile Dr. Wiggle took this fabulous photo of me before baby Maeve entered the world. I'm surprised how okay I really look, all things considering!
I'll save you the vivid pictures of the actual nip and cut but not too soon after the initial cut, Maeve Kathleen entered this world.

8 lbs. 11 oz. at 10:08 pm

Maeve and her daddy
I begin to tear up as soon as they say "It's a girl". That is after they comment on the head of hair she has and listening to her scream.
Throughout this pregnancy, person after person who saw me or more importantly, saw my bump, swore up and down that "it" was a boy. This included various strangers at the grocery store check out, other moms and grandmas at music class, and a poll on my favorite message board.
When someone asked what I wanted gender wise, I honestly responded a healthy and happy baby. Of course, if "it" was a "he", I would love him and figure out how to change a boy, but if "it" was a "she", I would again love her, but she would already have a pretty fantastic wardrobe and more importantly provide Mo with a lifelong friend as a sister.
So when they said, "It's a girl!" I cried. I was and still am so very happy that Mo gets to have a sister. There is no guarantee that Maeve and Mo will be best friends, but I can only hope that they have a relationship that mirrors that of my own relationship with my sister. All those emotions flooded me with those three little words "It's a Girl!"
They stitched me up and this time around, the isolette was immediately to my right, so I was able to watch as they suctioned her, weighed her, and then wrapped her in the blankets. Last time, my view was obstructed by numerous support staff.
Heading back into the recovery area, Bry confessed that the "hero" from before who had bumped me back 2 hours was in the bed next to me recovering.
Give me a break! Luckily, she did not end up being my roommate. (We'll save that story for later!)
My sister Jeanna, snuck back and met Maeve for the first time, and Maeve, being the little diva already, christened her Auntie G with pee on her hoodie. The whole time in recovery Bry would mention, "can you believe we have another little girl?"
Honestly, I still can't believe it. Some 12 days later, I still cannot believe we have two little girls.

Maeve's Debut- Part 1 (Labor)

I thought this time around I would be able to avoid the uncomfortableness that is labor, but Maeve had a different opinion. My story is quite comical, if I do say so myself. But honestly, if you know me in real life, this definitely should not surprise you!
Only I would mistake contractions for gas pains while in music class with the Pop Shop...sitting on the hard linoleum floor...playing with shaky eggs. Around 10:30, I noticed I was having some uncomfortable pains in my lower abdomen and my back. I figured, hey, this kid is so low, it's probably just gas. NOPE! As we got home around 11, I noticed that they were coming in 6-8 minute intervals.
Oh yes, coming back home. Did I mention before how we recently had an energy audit performed on our home and then scheduled for various work to make our home more energy efficient? In late 2009, we had a new heater and hot water heater installed, and had our windows measured for new storm windows. Fast forward to January, finally the windows arrive and we schedule the dates Jan. 16 & 19 to add the new storms and add insulation to our third floor. Unfortunately, they need an extra day so Wednesday, January 20 they come back to finish the windows.
I come back from music class-- in early stages of labor -- to three men walking both in and around the inside and outside of my house ripping out old and installing new storm windows. I attempt to keep myself calm while entertaining Mo via various episodes of On Demand Yo Gabba Gabba & the Wiggles. I make the executive decision to wait an hour and really document my labor pains. During this time, Bry calls to check in and I casually mention that I think I'm in labor. He's actually at lunch so he says he'll finish up then head home. I call the OB office who tell me to relax and see how I feel in a hour or so, and call back. Next, another episode of Max & Ruby so I can call my mom to come over to babysit Mo.
Poor Mo!
Her last day as an only child and I spend it mostly on the phone or parading around the living room trying to hide contractions from her. Luckily, she doesn't seem to notice I'm in pain and after the phone calls we head to the kitchen for our last lunch together. I don't eat, but I eat up watching this last meal of just the two of us. She asks me to sing so after countless rounds of "Hot Potato" and "Wheels on the Bus" we finish lunch.
I contemplate putting her in for a nap- but the noise from the workers is too loud and i know she won't sleep.
Damn it, I think! Where is my family? Where is Bry? I notice that the contractions are coming closer now, like 4 minutes apart and so I try to get things together while Mo snuggles up in my bed watching her favorite, Rudoplh the Red Nosed Reindeer.
Finally, Bry calls to say he's 15 minutes away, my parents call to say they're a half hour away, and I finally confess to the one contractor that I'm in early labor so I'm probably not going to be too much of a help at this point.
The look on his face was priceless. I mean, really. How many times have his clients been in labor while he installs windows??? I would guess slim to none.
Everyone gets here, I rock Mo to sleep for her nap for the last time and cry. I call the OB let them know I'm heading to the hospital and off we go.
Well, not actually. First Bry needs to change his pants, then he needs his nasal spray, oh and then once we make it to the car, he realizes he grabbed the wrong keys and has to head back inside for the right pair.
We get to the Admission area for the labor & delivery floor. My mistake was thinking that since i was scheduled for a c-section two days later, they would basically just wheel me back to an OR and take out the baby. We got to there around 2, so I figured baby would be born around 4.
Jokes on me! There really must have been something in the water because, what I learn later on the post-partum floor, is that it seems like everyone and their sister had their babies on or around January 20! They ran out of beds at one point.
Back to my story, as I mentioned before, I thought I'd miss out on the contraction part of labor this time around but NOPE! I spent over 4 and half hours in the assessment area waiting for my c-section. Yup, I made it over 5 cm. dilated, as I felt each contraction strapped to the bed and fetal heart monitor. I managed the first 4 hours with no problem, but the last 35 minutes or so were pure hell. I was in so much pain and they couldn't give me anything.
I should mention that at about hour 2 I was told I was next in line for an operating room- but then bumped for an emergency. (I later found out the emergency c-section was for some woman who tried to be a hero doing the whole "natural childbirth" thing without drugs and pushed for three hours. Lucky me got bumped for her!) Getting bumped pissed me off majorly, and then the pain with that last few hours of contractions put me overboard. I seriously told Bry that I didn't mind a dirty operating room as long as they got me off the bed and upright.
When I thought I had hit the wall, our lovely nurse Katie came in and told me it was time!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a Girl! (short story)

Introducing our newest addition:

Maeve Kathleen who arrived on her own terms on January 20, 2010 via c-section at 10:08 pm.
She weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz and is 20 3/4 in long and is practically perfect in every way! To say I am smitten yet again, would be an understatement. Mo has taken to her new sister swimmingly, much to my relief.

I am so very blessed!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Moira,

Dear Moira,
Sometime this week our lives will change forever and because you are so young, I know you won't remember your life as an only child. Part of me is glad that you and your brother or sister will be so close in age, but in that same breath, I'm sad that you are still so young and now this time as just you and me is over.
The past twenty-one months have been so amazing. I can't believe how you have become such a unique little person.
From the very beginning, your dad and I were captivated by your physical prowlness. Before you were born, Daddy was nervous that you be fragile and he would break you. Once you were here, we did not have to worry at all. From the very beginning, you were curious and strong. Your head and upper body were so strong that you almost rolled off the boppy at only a week old, which frightened both Mommy and Daddy.
As time went by, you defintely developed your own personality. You were actually very even tempered and mellow. You liked to eat, and sleep and you loved your swing- as did Mommy and Daddy those first few months. We started putting you on the playmat early, and you just seemed so interested in the animals, shapes, and colors. You were always just so happy, and both daddy and I loved you more everyday.
From the time you were about 3 months until 9 months, your favorite toy was the bouncer. You were an animal in it, and Daddy still swears that you were such an early walker because your legs got strong bouncing up and down. People were often surprised when I said you were rolling over, or crawling or even walking when you did, but you always were a very physical baby. It was just under 9 months when you figured out how to walk and that's when you started to get into everything!
Both Mommy and Daddy still believe you're lucky that you're cute, because otherwise you'd always be in trouble!
Before we knew it, we were celebrating your first birthday. We started music class around that time, just Mommy & you. Not too long into class, I noticed how much you loved music, clapping your hands, bopping your head or just dancing. You defintely didn't get that from Daddy or I!
At first when you were little, we rented a place to live, but soon after your first birthday we found our home and later that summer, we moved in. You had so much room to play both inside
and outside. As you got older, we started to explore this big world. We went to a playgym with A, Aunt Ash & Uncle Chris. We went to the beach a few times with Grandma and Gram and Pop. We went to the Sprayground with a bunch of friends and had a fabulous time playing in the water. We went with G to the zoo, and enjoyed feeding the gorilla and monkeys. Later, we went with her and her mommy and Katie to pick pumpkins and apples.

From the very beginning you were Mama's girl, but around the fall of 2009, you started to become more interested in Daddy. You loved to help him outside as he fixed our front lawn. You also had a great time with him as he lead you from house to house on Halloween. Daddy began to put you to bed every night and you two have your own special routine together, where you brush your teeth, and get your pajamas on, and Daddy sings the "Good Night Moira" song.
You also love to play with Daddy every night after dinner, while Mommy cleans up in the kitchen. As Christmas came, you got some great gifts from Santa and our family. Uncle Joe-Joe & Aunt Coll gave you a drumset that you love to play as you listen to Pearl Jam with Daddy every night. Sometimes you blow the harmonica or tap the tamburrine, or play your guitar, but mostly you and Daddy dance. Sometimes, you grab your baby doll and dance with her too. Grandma gave you a copy of Where the Wild Things Are and every night since Christmas either Daddy or Mommy or both of us read you the story before bedtime.
We have been doing so many great new things together. We played with playdough ,
baked cookies together,
gone to the Discovery Children's Museum a few times , colored colored and colored some more, continued with Music class, and started swimming class at the "pool" with "Daddy".

Every night, before you go up to bed, you give your Minnie Mouse doll, Rowdy the dog, & baby doll a kiss and then you come running up to me to say good night. I say the same thing to you every night,
I love you Lovie Girl. You are my most favorite girl in the whole wide world and I am so lucky to be your mommy!
I want you to know, Moira, that even though this new baby is coming and things will be different, you will always be my Lovie Girl and most favorite Moira in the whole wide world! I am so very lucky to be your mommy and love that I get to spend everyday with you. You are strong, smart, and beautiful and can do anything in the whole wide world that you want.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last quiet days...

I am a big swollen mess right now. I've got cankles, my fingers hurt when I bend them, my belly is so big that while sitting right now the weight is evenly distributed across my legs, and while baby has not been effecting my bladder too much, I am waking up every hour or so throughout the night because my hands fall asleep.
Ahhh....the end of pregnancy! I think I may have blocked out all these feelings from before.
Today I went for a pedicure and manicure. My toes currently resemble Vienna sausages and my fingers are so swollen my wedding band doesn't fit, if that is not a reason for nail intervention then nothing is!
I splurged and went for the "spa pedicure" where for an extra 10 bucks they gobbed on three different kinds of scrubs/masques/lotions, and spent a good 45 minutes working on my feet. Before painting my toes, he massaged my legs! HEAVEN!
I know in actuality I don't need a masque on my legs, especially in the dead middle of winter, but I enjoyed every bliss filled, child-free, quiet, second. Nail salons are virtual deserts in the winter, except for the people headed on vacation or the few who need waxing so this salon was all mine!
Who knows when my feet will see the interior of a pedicure sink again??? Newborns have a way with interfering with personal hygiene. I wanted to get a haircut before baby 2 came, but I never got around to scheduling, so I guess I'll be sportng the "mommytail" for a few months.
At least my toes will look good when they wheel me into the operating room!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mom Friends

I sometimes wish I had more mom friends.
I should rephrase that, I wish I had some friends who lived near me who have children around the same age. I also wish that these friends wouldn't be as annoying as some of the ladies I've met, and/or also share in the things I find interesting, etc...
I guess that's more of the confession. I don't seem to like many of the moms I've met around here so far. Maybe it's me?
I take Mo to music class and I've noticed that there are already some cliques of moms at the JCC. They seem to laugh and whisper as their toddlers play with the mini finger cymbals. I wonder if they all grew up together and now they're having kids or if they met in some playgroup or something, which I missed out on.
Did I miss out? While part of me thinks for a bit it would be nice to have more mom friends, I guess, it's not those ladies I really want to be friends with!
I have made one good friend Michelle whose daughter G is a few weeks older then Mo from our days at Mommy & Me fitness class. Now, though since we have moved, we no longer take classes together, and try to have play dates around our girls' different napping schedules.
My friend Michelle and I took our girls to the Garden State Discovery Museum this past Thursday. (My parents got Mo the best Christmas/Birthday gift, as they purchased her a membership for the entire family to the museum. I'll write more about how awesome it is at a later date!)
As I waddled through chasing after my little hellion, I showed the girls the fabulous little area for children under four. Complete with little farm area, ball pit, sliding board, and house/kitchen area, the girls were having a ball! Not too long after, a woman also with a toddler and a visible bump starting talking to me about double strollers.
Did I know anything about the combi? Does it take the Britax infant seat?
No and I don't know
What double am I planning on getting? Why do I like this one?
We're thinking the Bumbleride Double because the wheels are air filled, comes with all these cool features standard and seriously should last FOREVER!
Do you think she really should get a double stroller?
I seriously don't know your life, lady, but I know a double stroller will be a MUST for us, if I ever wan to leave our house and go for a walk or go to the mall or shopping or anything ever again!

Thankfully, Mo runs away midway through this conversation of sorts, and I find her with G, Michelle's daughter in the ball pit.
Michelle then comments, "Isn't it funny when you're pregnant, people automatically just start talking to you, but it seems once the baby is born- bam- nothing!"
We have talked about this phenomenon all the time.
It's hard to make mommy friends!
She has tried to bust into the friends circle at her local YMCA where G takes some classes. Michelle has likened the moms' clique there to middle school. Occasionally one or two will nod or say hello, but for the most part- Ignorance.
We both don't get it and have talked at length about how lucky we are to at least have each other!

I figure (or at least hope) that once Mo starts pre-school, she will make some friends and of these friends, I will get along with at least one or two moms. I'm not looking for someone to chat on the phone with to discuss the latest episode of Lost (Thank God I have my husband for that), but someone to share their own wacky experiences as mommy too.
Wish me luck, since I don't plan on sending Mo to pre-school until Sept. 2011!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lunch Dates

I have a secret.
Mo and I go out just the two of us for lunch about three times a month, sometimes more and I'm almost embarrassed to tell where we go.
Okay, I'll admit, my favorite lunch place with Mo is:
Now, I know fast food is BAD! Kid's meals set up your child for a lifetime of addicting to trans-fats, and french fries and as a reward for eating. I also know of at least four locations within five miles of our house and when I was checking out their website discovered there are eleven locations within ten miles!
I however, LOVE Chick-Fil-A. Not just because their traditional sandwich on a whole wheat bun with tomato & lettuce is especially yummy, or their homemade lemonade is the fine balance between bitter & sweet, but for a few other reasons that I think those other fast food establishments should pick up on.
1. The kids meal for Mo is an appropriate size for a toddler/pre-schooler. The four nuggets actually resemble real chicken, and I substitute their fries for a fruit cup. I bribe Mo with grapes, strawberries, apples, & orange pieces in exchange for bites of the chicken and for the most part it works.
2. I have never had a bad experience with their customer service. Even with a toddler in tow, they have been kind to her and go out of their way to make sure I have a plastic place mat set up and that her highchair is clean.
3. This is really the main reason I frequent Chick-Fil-A
Once you order, they BRING YOU YOUR FOOD! I have yet to attempt balancing a Happy Meal and my own order while following my toddler through the maze of tables at a McDonald's or Burger King, which would mean I would forgo ketchup, a straw or even napkins, to ensure my order makes it to a table while my kid gets strapped in. AAAAHHH The thought makes me cringe!
At Chick-Fil-A, they bring you over your order, and then ask, if you need anything else and actually get it for you! When you say "thanks", they respond "My pleasure". I'm guessing that these employees really aren't as jovial as they appear, but keep faking away, because I buy it! I keep coming back!
They also have people hired as "greeters" who sole responsibility is to make sure you are okay with your dining experience. She or he will even offer to refill your drink...for free or throw out your garbage for you.
In a nutshell, I feel like these little lunch outings are good experiences for Mo and I to bond a bit and get her used to the idea of eating in public. Grant it we're not eating four star cuisine, but it's still a different setting then our kitchen and I think, she enjoys it too! Maybe someday we can try a more refined place, but for now, I think I'm in the mood for chicken tomorrow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

No later then January 22

I will become a mom again.
My c-section for baby 2 is scheduled for Friday, January 22 which puts us at less then three weeks until b-day! I had my last MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) appointment this morning and it seems baby 2 is just like his/her older sister. Already, at just over 36 weeks he/she is weighing over 7 lbs and appears to be on course to weigh over 8 lbs. upon arrival.
Our "To Do" list is slowly getting attacked, as this weekend Bry brought some Rubbermaid boxes, various newborn/infant accessories, and the car seat up from the basement. Mo, of course being a nearly two year old, became instantly interested in the bouncy seat and car seat, attempting to climb in, on, and over them. We will be practicing with her doll for the next few weeks.
Bry also brought up the empty containers for our various Christmas decorations. I usually hate this time year. I hate the de-decorating, the taking down of the lights, and ornaments from tree, it seems like so many of those festive feelings are kaput the moment the last of the garland and tinsel are packed away, but this year is different.
I HAVE to clean it all up sooner then later, or else it might be up until March....or worse....
Bry could attempt to put it all way!
Imagine next Christmas and me attempting to get out those decorations then. That could be a disaster.
So, this week I will be de-Christmasing in exchange for re-babying!